At two o'clock in the morning of Monday, 10 February 1567, Kirk o' Field house - where Darnley was staying - was destroyed by a gunpowder explosion. However, Darnley’s body was not found amongst the wreckage. Instead, he was found strangled in the grounds.

It still remains uncertain who was responsible for the murder of Lord Darnley. Mary, Queen of Scots was convinced she had been an intended victim of the plot too. Mary's enemies claimed the Earl of Bothwell was behind the murder. Others claimed Darnley fell victim to his own failed plot to kill Mary.

First broadcast:
25 January 2002

With five minutes planning time and a strictly enforced realisation time of perhaps thirty minutes, arrange pupils in groups to make simple models showing Mary's fall from power. The model could be, for example, a flight of labelled steps or a sloping string with cut-out symbols, such as the body of Darnley, a mermaid, crossed swords and a quill, dangling from it.