A thief is questioned on his daily routine by a good and bad cop as a way of uncovering his crimes. The good cop attempts to get the information by sweetness and cupcakes. The bad cop gets progressively angrier with the thief, using dastardly techniques such as tickling him or throwing away the cupcakes. The thief is asked where he lives, what his daily routine is and finally what he does as a job. He reveals that he lives in Southern Spain, in a house by the beach that has two stories. He also reveals the times he wakes up and gets up. He reveals that he brushes his teeth and gets dressed to the bad cops taunts - and even what he has for breakfast. His final revelation is that he goes to work by robbing a bank. The cops are satisfied they have done their job.

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Working in pairs, pupils could be given either Map A or Map B of Spain with some major cities marked on it. Map A would have different cities to Map B. Without revealing their map, the pupils take it in turns to describe the location of a city on their map e.g. ‘Bilbao está en el norte’. Their partner marks the city on their own map. They then compare their answers at the end. They could also be given a worksheet with a list of daily activities in a random order. Pupils number the activities in the order they hear them. Some pupils could challenge themselves to write the time next to the activities.