An insight into what happened to those that refused to join the Hitler Youth. While they had a good time at the expense of the Nazis for a while – they liked to hang around and listen to American jazz – some paid the ultimate price for their refusal to conform. The Hitler Youth camps allowed poor children a holiday and gave city children the chance to experience the countryside. However, they ultimately prepared young men for war by developing the sort of aggression that they would need, combined with basic military training. Girls were taught cooking, church and children, and were discouraged from having any other ambitions.

This clip is from:
History, Nazi Germany
First broadcast:
10 October 2007

Discuss the clip considering, in particular, what might happen to non-members of the Hitler Youth, even if they did not actively oppose Hitler and join a group such as the Edelweiss Pirates. Then, working in groups, pupils could act out a scene in which the majority, perhaps three or four, try to persuade the other one or two to join the Hitler Youth. Arguments for and against joining should be clearly made and the reluctant members end the conversation by choosing to opt in or not, explaining their reasons.