An introduction to the importance of data organisation and tallying. Following a storm, Robinson Crusoe lands on an island. He wants to keep a record of how long he is on the island. Randomly recording days is not very helpful so he starts to organise his data. He uses tallying to group days into sets of five.

First broadcast:
25 May 2007

This clip could be used as part of a lesson on introducing pupils to tally charts. After pupils have watched the clip, they could be put into groups and given something to go around the class and record in tallies, for example, a particular hair colour, eye colour or favourite colour. Will pupils remember to mark off sets of five? Once pupils have finished collecting data, ask each group to show their chart to the rest of the class. Did any of the groups forget to mark off sets of five? If so, play the clip a second time to remind them how to do this and reiterate the benefit of tallying, ie that it's much quicker to add up your total when the data is presented in multiples of five.