A young, German blogger describes to the viewers that he had a terrible nightmare yesterday. using past tense, he explains that he dreamt that it was a Wednesday – a school day – and the weather was bad. He dreamt that he had to have a 2-hour Chinese lesson despite Chinese not being a lesson in his school. He then explains that during his break he spoke with a potato and then on the way home he bought a new hat but it didn’t fit. He then explains he took some pictures, went home, tried on a crocodile outfit and ate his dinner - a gummy bear sandwich – before having a discussion with the Queen of England.

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This could be used to introduce pupils to talking about things that have happened in the past by using either the imperfect tense (simple past) or perfect tense. Pupils could be asked to identify which verbs are being used in the imperfect tense. Similarly they could be asked to discuss how the perfect tense works. Further differentiation could be applied by asking pupils to identify the difference in construction of the perfect tense using the different auxiliary verbs haben and sein. Which verbs take sein in the past? Can they identify the type of verbs?