A police inspector trains his cadets in the art of going undercover. He begins the session by entering ‘in disguise’ ie wearing a ridiculous moustache. The cadets are embarrassed. He has three characters and asks whom would like to go first. Carlos, a bully, volunteers Sara and then sneers at her. Sara leaves the room and returns dressed in a frumpy school uniform. The inspector then questions her on her character. Sara begins the process embarrassed but as she gets into it she gets more confident, revealing the schoolgirl’s age, family and home life. The inspector is pleased with her and then asks for another volunteer. Sara quickly suggests Carlos. Faced with three options Carlos suggests that the thug would be a good choice. However, the inspector has other plans. Carlos is revealed to be dressed in the same school uniform as Sara wore and must also pretend to be a schoolgirl.

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Pupils could be issued with a list of true or false statements relating to the character of ‘Sara’. For example, “Sara tiene dos hermanas”; “El padre de Sara es ingeniero”. As they watch the clip they mark each true sentence with a V (verdadero) and each false sentence with an F (falso). As a follow-up writing activity, they could write their own ‘false identity’ for themselves or another pupil to present to the rest of the class.