Stuart Murdoch from pop group Belle and Sebastian talks about his orchestral pop project 'God Help the Girl'. He explains that as a youngster he had no interest in orchestras or classical music but that an interest grew as he did. Stuart talks about being heavily influenced by Phil Spector and his ambition to create three minute symphonies. He describes the practicalities of working with orchestras and the need for them to feel integral to the music, not just an enhancement. The clip features the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra rehearsing a number of 'God Help the Girl' songs.

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5 October 2010

The clip gives an example of a musical style (orchestral symphonies) that has been dramatically adapted to conform to the demands of a radio-chart audience. In pairs students could write down ideas on what would be the difficulties of doing this, and why that musical genre and that musical platform would normally be considered unsuited for one another. This could lead on to a composing task where students have to create a mini symphony with all the features of a traditional symphony, but in the length of a modern pop song. This could be done either by adapting an existing symphony, or composing their own.