In the second part of this 'Feeling sad' clip, Fred is feeling confused about his feelings and is transported to a doctors' surgery which is inside his own head. The doctor shows Fred images of children displaying different emotions - excited, worried, frightened, sad, happy and loving. The 'doctor' asks Fred to chose which one he would like to look like. Fred then thinks of ways he could feel happy and be more loving.

This clip is from:
Watch, Me
First broadcast:
21 June 2007

Students could be shown pictures of children with different facial expressions which depict a range of emotions. Ask students to identify the emotion in each instance and make suggestions as to what could make the child feel that way. In a circle time activity, they could share experiences of times when they felt this way. Alternatively, a story in which the character experiences a range of emotions could be read to students, and they could be asked to make facial expressions to match the character's feelings throughout. Pictures could be taken of these facial expressions and used to create a display to help identify feelings and emotions.

Students could then write their own prescriptions which describe things they could do to make themselves feel happy.