A teacher asks her pupils what skills they think they need to be a good peer mediator. These include understanding feelings, not taking sides, knowing how to help and how to listen. Children applying to become peer mediators are trained. Through role-play the children learn the process of mediation and a clear set of promises made by both the mediators and the visitors helps to set the rules.

First broadcast:
5 November 2007

This clip could be used to demonstrate that conflict presents an opportunity to grow, change and communicate and that mediation is one of the ways to deal with certain situations. Ask the class to work in small groups. Children could come up with a couple of situations of conflict and prepare role-plays for them. One volunteer would be the mediator while the others would be the friends who fall out. How do they feel about being a mediator? Would anybody be interested in becoming one? What would be the benefits of having this system in school?