Plants are alive; they grow, eat, move and reproduce. We visit Kew Gardens to look for evidence that plants are living things.

First broadcast:
18 September 2007

A useful clip to explore the subject of life processes and demonstrate the similarities between plants and animals. Ask the question 'What does it mean to be a living thing?' Allow the pupils to discuss in groups how they know humans are living organisms. Enable the children to identify as many of the seven processes as possible using the acronym MRS NERG - moving, respiration, sensitivity, nutrition, excretion, reproduction and growth.
Explore and clarify the scientific terms for these ilfe processes. Can the pupils use this list as a test on different organisms? Does it apply to plants? After watching the clip (which outlines three of the seven processes), ask the pupils to identify the processes not discussed in the clip. Students could be asked to compile a short report on life processes, giving a plant and an animal example to explain each point. eg reproduction - animals have live young, plants produce seeds which will grow into a new plant. As an additional activity, pupils could analyse whether there are any differences between animals and plant, beyond the obvious eg respiration - different exchange of gases.