Barnaby Bear goes to school in Mexico City with his pen pal Juan Pablo. The class are learning English. There is an earthquake drill and Barnaby learns that the procedure for this evacuation is a bit like a fire drill. Because it gets hot in the afternoon, school ends at lunchtime. People at work also take a break at the hottest time of the day and start work again at four o'clock in the afternoon. Barnaby visits a market and sees lots of food he has never seen before. He tries sweets made from hot and spicy chilli and Nopal or cactus juice. South of Mexico City is an area famous for growing plants and flowers. This area, known as Coyoacan, is all that remains of the old Aztec canals. Families come here at the weekend to take a trip on a traditional boat cruise, listen to Mariachi bands and eat corn on the cob with lime juice and salt.

This clip is from:
Barnaby Bear, Mexico City
First broadcast:
5 March 2007

This clip is useful as a discussion tool for the children to compare schools, food and day trips in Mexico City with the UK. The children could observe the earthquake drill and then create simple posters to show what to do in case there is an earthquake. If Mexican foods could be sourced then children could have a tasting session comparing this food to typical English food and drink. The children could also discuss their thoughts on the outing on the boat - would they enjoy doing this on the weekend? Children could write information on Mexico City schools and food to add to their scrapbooks.