All over the world people eat a wide variety of foods. Wherever you live, it is important to include a range of different foods to have a varied and healthy diet. This clip includes images of fruit, vegetables and fish from around the globe.

First broadcast:
8 October 2007

Encourage children to collect food labels, as well as images of food snipped from advertisements. View the clip and then challenge pupils to write a school dinner menu for one week. Each meal should have a good mix of different kinds of food, so that it could be part of a healthy, varied diet. Pupils could illustrate their menus with the food images they have collected. Ask: "Do all the meals you planned contain fruit and vegetables?" and "How much of the food in each of your meals is fresh?" Discuss the importance of balancing a diet, so there is not too much of one type of food. Processed foods have high levels of salt and sugar. It’s important to have fresh food too, so you don’t end up eating too much salt or sugar. Children could sort food labels and pictures into 'processed' and 'fresh' foods.