Brian Taylor, political editor of BBC Scotland, describes how the Scottish Parliament changed when, after eight years of Labour/Liberal Democrat coalition leadership, the Scottish National Party came to power as a minority government in 2007. This has stalled some of the SNP's aims, such as gaining full independence for Scotland. It has also led to difficult negotiations about other aims.
The Forth Road Bridge is an important connection for the east of Scotland. The current bridge is in need of replacement but this will cost billions of pounds. The SNP want Westminster to provide funds for the bridge that can be paid back in later years. The UK Labour government and Labour in Holyrood would rather the bridge was built by a private company who would then be paid back. As the Scottish Government is unable to borrow money itself, some compromise must be reached.

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12 June 2009

Use the Forth Road Bridge to illustrate an example of the complications that surround project funding in politics. Students could weigh up the arguments both for and against public and private money being spent on the bridge, and come to a decision based on their discussions.