A brother and sister talk about their experiences of racism and how having a different skin colour makes them feel. They show pictures they have drawn to highlight how racism makes them feel. They share their opinions about why they think people are racist and offer advice on what to do if you see someone being racist.

First broadcast:
28 September 2007

Watching this clip will provide children with a clear insight into how racism affects its victims. In particular, it could be used to illustrate some of the ways in which Joe and Meghan changed how they lived their lives in order to try and avoid racist abuse. Children could be encouraged to develop their own sense of empathy by considering how they would feel in a similar situation. Through discussion, children could also consider why they think racism occurs. Joe's comments featured in the clip could be used as a starting point for this. In addition, the children could also begin to explore effective ways to deal with racism if they were to experience or witness incidents.