Extract from drama 'Offside' in which a series of incidents, initiated by racial tensions, culminate in a serious assault. Here, promising Asian footballer Shoaib is in a pub with his white team-mates when friends from the Asian community start to give him a hard time about hanging around with white friends. An Asian friend confronts Shoaib directly, and the situation escalates outside the pub. The Asian friend is beaten up by the group of footballers, though Shoaib does not physically take part in the assault. During the melee, one of the group shouts racial insults.

Warning: This clip contains some violence and some language that might offend.

This clip is from:
Scene, Offside
First broadcast:
21 June 2002

Play this clip as an introduction to the issues and tensions in the drama 'Offside'. Discuss who is responsible for the assault. Can racist remarks be in any way justified? How can this sort of conflict be resolved without resorting to violence or insults? Can pupils predict what will happen in part two of this series?