Ashley is getting ready for a night out with friends. Reece comes over to look after their daughter, and is a doting dad. He makes Ashley change into something less revealing and whilst she is getting changed he goes through her purse, asking who she went for pizza and coffee with when he finds the receipts.  We also see a large bruise on her back when she is getting changed, suggesting that the abuse in their relationship has continued. When she gets to the club she changes back, prompting her friend to comment that she shouldn't have to. Contains some scenes which some viewers may find upsetting. Teacher review prior to use in class is recommended.

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This clip shows how Reece and Ashley's relationship has developed, and her lack of surprise when he checks through her purse, or suggests that she changes clothes, is telling. In the classroom this could be used to start a discussion about what is acceptable in a relationship, and if boundaries are necessary. This would be best used alongside other clips from this drama to show the different stages of Ashley and Reece's relationship and how the violence and controlling behaviour escalates.