A British family in Germany visit the flat they will rent in Nürnberg. They are surprised to find out how inexpensive it is to rent accommodation. When they compare renting in Germany to buying property in Britain, they learn that half of all Germans rent their homes, whereas only one third of Britons do so. They feel that this lack of pressure to buy is healthier and reduces the amount of money people owe.

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Students could make notes in English about Nürnberg, the flat and the reasons why Germans rent rather than buy. Then revise key phrases by asking them how to answer the following questions in German: 'Was gibt es in Nürnberg?', 'Wie ist die Wohnung?' and 'Was sind die Vorteile von Mieten?'. This language can be exploited further orally or in writing as appropriate, eg to describe another town or dwelling or to give a detailed description of students' own home and local area.