A comparison between the Picts and the Scotti is made by focusing on the designs of their brooches and the use of different languages. The theory that the Scotti originated in Ireland and took the Scottish kingdom of Dal Riada from the native Picts is explored. Archaeological evidence suggests this is not true. The reason for the cultural differences between Scotti and Picts is linked to geography, because the mountains located between their kingdoms kept these people separate.

This clip is from:
See You See Me, The Scots
First broadcast:
5 October 2001

Pupils could draw a map showing Ireland, Dal Riada, Pictland and the Grampian Mountains. Ask them to list the reasons why some historians believe the Scotti came from Ireland, and why some think they always lived in Dal Riada. Pupils can give their opinions on the origins of the Scotti, citing evidence to support their thinking. Pupils could draw a Pictish brooch, a Scotti brooch and an Irish brooch to show the differences. List the differences between the Scotti and the Picts. The teacher can discuss how we need to constantly update our knowledge about history as we find more evidence from various sources.