An interview with Rod Ellingworth, a professional cycle racer. He explains how wind resistance can affect the speed of his bike. The bike moves through the air really quickly so there is less resistance. It also has smooth curves so the air flows over it smoothly. The handlebars are designed to enable the cyclist to sit in a tuck position allowing the air to flow over the top. The clothes they wear are tight and their shoes are covered over to help the air flow smoothly over the body.

This clip is from:
Science Clips, Friction
First broadcast:
10 October 2007

This clip could be used to introduce an investigation to find out which shape has the least air resistance. When fair-testing, pupils may identify how variables such as material, shape and size can affect the speed of moving objects. When discussing the concept of streamlining, pupils may suggest other examples of objects designed to reduce wind resistance including motorcars, running shoes and boats.