Star, Sky and Hutch, a cake and a butterfly are used to demonstrate symmetry, lines of symmetry and reflective symmetry using mirror images. A short symmetry of shapes test is then given to Hutch and Star. Pupils can take part alongside the animated characters to detect symmetrical and non-symmetrical shapes.

First broadcast:
29 January 2008

Discuss with the class what the differences and similarities are between halves and wholes. "Have you ever seen things that are symmetrical? What animals are symmetrical?" Using the clip to explain that butterflies can be symmetrical, give the children a template of a butterfly and get them to create symmetrical patterns using paint and sweets. Can they do it in horizontal and vertical planes? By giving the children an odd number of items, can the children create a symmetrical pattern? Children can share their ideas, asking others whether they are symmetrical or not. These could also be extended to create patterns on the computer and by using mirrors accurately to check.