Schoolchildren take turns presenting fact files on different urban birds - the blackbird, starling, house sparrow, carrion crow and blue tit are all described.

This clip is from:
See You See Me, Urban Birds
First broadcast:
24 January 2008

Students could have a go at spotting some of the birds in their local environment. They could go on a walk of their local area using binoculars and bird guides try to identify some of the birds living around them. Students could also make bird feeders for the playground and identify the birds that visit these. They could then make an identification guide for other students in the school so they can also identify these birds.

Students could then go on to further research other birds that can be found throughout the UK. They could focus on a particular habitat such as a river, forest or by the sea. Students could then present their research in the same way as the children in this clip did. Alternatively, they could create a fact file database on British birds.

Another topic which could be explored is the decline of house sparrows in Scotland and the reasons for this decrease in numbers. Students could explore news reports and articles discussing the issue and develop an informed opinion.