Make a folded paper wallet covered with boldly coloured designs in the style of Mondrian. A series of folds and cuts are made in a self-sticking envelope to create the shape, which then folds together to form the wallet. Once the wallet is made it is decorated in Mondrian’s style using black tape borders and bold colours to block in the geometric spaces between. The effect is a bright bold design which transforms the wallet’s appearance. There is a brief animated reference to Dutch painter Piet Mondrian of the De Stijl movement as well as some of his works, to set this in context and add an element of art history.

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Pupils could create Mondrian inspired wrapping paper to paste over irregular shaped objects. They could design and make a wallet with multiple pockets, decorating it using different bold colour schemes. This is a complex sequence but can be followed in stages by pausing the clip if necessary. This activity gives a practical purpose to making rather than just being decorative as the two elements complement each other. A variety of other different designs using tape lines and bold colours can also be produced in this way.