Using the example of a moose (Mr Moose) trying to get some food, the process of breaking down problems and decomposition is explained. It reveals how computer programmers tend to solve problems by breaking them into small parts, which is known as decomposition. This process is shown to be useful in everyday life, taking the problem of feeling hungry and separating it into manageable tasks such as; where can I find food, and how do I get the food? Mr Moose uses this process to get accoss a river and eat some red gooseberries.

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Pupils could split into groups and work on a situation and break down the problem into the steps you need to solve them. For example, pupils could begin by working in small groups to develop a dance routine and record it on camera. They could break down the dance routine into parts and develop flow charts for each part. Pupils could then edit screen grabs of them in different dance positions, whilst performing the dance routine, then import into Scratch. Finally pupils could use selection and repetition to reconstruct the dance routine in scratch.