Mosques all over the world share a number of similar features; they often have a minaret and a dome, sometimes they are surrounded by an arcade or have a school called a Madrasa. Muslims do not have to perform the Salat in a mosque except on Friday at mid-day. Before entering a mosque, Muslims must remove their shoes. It is normal for men and women to pray in different areas of the mosque. There are no priests in Islam, but most mosques have an Imam.

This clip is from:
Belief File, Islam: Prayer
First broadcast:
15 March 1996

Play the sound from the clip without the images. Ask pupils to draw a quick sketch of a mosque based on what they hear. On second viewing, pupils can compare their mosques to what they see in the clip. They can then write down 6 key words from the clip. They have 10 minutes to write creatively, considering how this clip on 'Going to the mosque' fits into the big picture of their learning on Islam. What pupils write must include these key terms from the clip.