Actor Lolita Chakrabarti discusses the character of Juliet in William Shakespeare's play with a student performing the role. They focus on how she feels and her motivation in Act 4 Scene 1 with her conversation with Paris. They practise the scene together, screaming after each line to express her frustration. A 'final production' of the scene is also included.

First broadcast:
11 June 2010

Before watching the clip, ask students to work in pairs on the following premise: a couple, or two friends, are giving a TV interview on a subject on which they disagree, but they don’t want to show they are at odds. Ask them to consider how to show frustration when they cannot express it verbally. Watch the clip. In threes, students could work on the scene with one person playing Juliet's thoughts. S/he can say lines Juliet would like to say, or scream or anything else they can think of, but Paris and Juliet must continue the conversation as if s/he isn't there. Then remove her/ him from the scene and try again. Discuss how this helps the creation of this scene.