What is a peer mediator? A class of Year Five children give their views and are asked by their teacher to consider conflict and how to deal with it. They recall incidents of conflict they have experienced. A peer mediator is someone who can see both sides of an argument and help others to come to a solution themselves. Role-play helps the children find solutions to conflict. Children think they can perhaps understand children's problems better than adults.

First broadcast:
12 November 2007

This clip is useful to introduce a way in which children could support other children to resolve a conflict. After the clip, ask the children what the role of a peer mediator is. "How important is their job? Could they give any more examples where they would need a peer mediator? Do you agree with the idea that children could perhaps understand other children's problems better than adults? Why (not)?" Pupils could end the lesson by completing the following sentences in their books. 'When I fall out with my friend I feel…'/ 'When I make up with my friend I feel …'/ A peer mediator is someone who…'