Spud is keen to have a cuddly new pet but Farley isn't happy to be considered for the role. He doesn't think of himself as a dog. With the help of Soda's translating cap, the friends consider the various merits of a bird, a tortoise, a hamster, a dog and a cat. Farley's unconventional approach to the pet search convinces Spud that maybe she needs to think about the situation more. The humorous animation introduces some Mandarin vocabulary to beginners.

First broadcast:
3 May 2011

This clip could be used to reinforce basic introductions (hello, my name is...), pet vocabulary (bird, dog, cat, hamster, tortoise) and numbers 1 - 5. Adjectives are introduced (lively, quiet, timid, fierce, pretty, strong, big, small, terrifying). Students could enjoy mixing different adjectives with nouns as part of a sentence.