Alvin, a young boy, explains how he feared he would be rejected at school due to scarring on his body. However, he made friends with a boy called Luke. He explains his initial fears of rejection and how he overcame this to sustain a strong friendship with Luke.

First broadcast:
18 May 2007

This could be used to illustrate the importance of inclusion and treating everybody equally. Could be used as part of a topic on friendship as a stimulus for discussion about the attributes of a good friend. Children could discuss and share how they go about making new friends. After watching the clip, the children could make a poster illustrating ways to make a friend. Could be used as part of topic about recognising self worth, further developing an understanding and respect for differences amongst friends. Children could hot seat the character and explore the emotions around building friendships. Children could also explore other scenarios where friendships might be affected and explore ways to deal with fears of rejection.