Tayeb lives in South Manchester with his mum, dad, sister and younger brother Faisan. Tayeb introduces his family. He helps Faisan, who is disabled, to feed himself, wash and dress, and looks after him at the local playground or the gym. Tayeb loves school, especially creative writing. His background is Pakistani, and he is a Muslim. His father helps him read the Koran and Tayeb finds his faith helpful at times of stress. His school friends come from different racial backgrounds. He really likes this, and they play table tennis together. Tayeb interviews his mum about how his role as a carer for his brother has affected him. Tayeb feels that the family is closer because of Faisan.

First broadcast:
8 March 2010

Referring to the clip, you could work as a class to build an' identi-kit' of Tayeb. What can the class remember about him: his age, nationality, his religion, what he enjoys at school, his hobbies and his family? You could focus in on his family life and list as a class the different things that Tayeb does to help his brother Faisan. How does Tayeb's care for Faisan help his family? You could ask the children to draw and write about how they help their family group. Who do they help and how? The children could be invited to share their work with the rest of the class providing an opportunity to create awareness and understanding of the considerable responsibilities that some children have within their family and how this might affect their social lives.