An animation aimed at teenage boys with severe learning difficulties. Encouraging viewers to use a towel in different ways to ensure that they dry themselves properly after taking a bath or shower. Adam (a teenage boy with sever learning difficulties) is taking a shower. He turns the taps off, steps out of the shower and takes a towel. He gives his abdomen a cursory wipe with the towel and puts a T-shirt on. As he goes to leave the bathroom it is clear that the back of his T-shirt is wet. A question mark appears. The video replays. During the replay, after giving himself a cursory wipe and when he is putting on his T-shirt, a Widgit 'stop' sign appears. Adam dries himself more thoroughly - paying attention to his back, legs and feet. He puts his T-shirt on and walks away. There are no damp patches on the back of his T-shirt.

First broadcast:
21 October 2010

This clip could be used to support PSHE learning in relation to personal care and grooming. It helps to illustrate the discomfort from not drying yourself thoroughly and to demonstrate the correct ways of drying, including areas of the body that may be difficult to reach. The widgit symbols can be used as pause-points by teachers to highlight key issues for discussion.