A maths quiz show using a number rectangle to show the rules of addition. Look at the number rectangle. Which number is one more than another number? Numbers on the same row have a difference of one. Can you find a number that is ten more than another number? When a number is directly underneath another number, then it is ten more. What is the easy way to find a number 11 more than another number? If you move down a row then go one place to the right, it is 11 more. What is the easy way to add 22?

First broadcast:
11 May 2007

This clip can be used as part of a lesson on methods of addition. In particular, this clip can be employed in a task where pupils have to research and discover the easiest method for simple addition. Pupils can be shown this clip as well as a variety of other sources, as well as using their own minds and memories, to ultimately come up with what they think is the best and the fastest method for addition. They can then have their methods put to the test in a class challenge where each pupil is timed working out several sums given by the teacher. At the end, the method with the fastest time, or average time if it is used by several pupils, will be crowned the winner.