Double Olympic gold medallist Rebecca Adlington encourages girls to swim. BBC presenter Jess Creighton meets the legendary 400 and 800 metre swimmer at Stockport’s Life Leisure pool. Rebecca tells viewers how she first got started in the sport, by just learning to swim for holidays. She then explains all the positives of participating in her chosen sport, and also explains swimming is a life skill not just a sporting activity – it could be a life saver. Rebecca addresses body image and teenage worries about this important subject in relation to swimwear and being in the pool or at a swim club environment. Adlington also informs us about what swimming has done for her in terms of fitness, life skills, travel, making friends and giving her a career. Next, we see Rebecca coach beginners at a her 'swim stars' club in Wilmslow, Cheshire. She encourages the girls swimming technique and also takes a Q and A session about being a top swimmer and an inspirational sporting legend.

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This could be used to stimulate a discussion on the different places we might go swimming, and the different activities that can be done in a swimming pool. Students could have a discussion on body image and how Rebecca Adlington didn't allow body issues to stop her swimming. Students could produce a poster with coaching tips to help others get into swimming, they could write on the poster why swimming is good for you? What benefits you get out of swimming? Why should you get into swimming? Students could also discuss a time when they felt anxious, and how do we overcome the fear of a new challenge?