Maxime arrives at spy headquarters one morning, to receive his mission from “W”. It seems that he must gain access to a British school and he assumes that he will do this in the role of a teacher. “W” explains that he will take on the role of a pupil instead and invites him to memorise his profile. Maxime demonstrates his excellent memory at this point, although he cannot resist embellishing the role with spy-terminology.

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A class could complete a series of short, gap-fill tasks, which are Maxime’s answers to the four questions, Décris ton école/Quelles matières est-ce que tu étudies?/ Que penses-tu des règles de l’école?/Si tu étais directeur de l’école, que changerais-tu ? Having completed this, the pupils could then adapt the answers given by Maxime to fit with their own school experience.