The two teams on ‘The Apprentice’ pitch their ideas for cleaning products to a panel of experts from an ad agency. The first team’s pitch for ‘Germ-o-nator’ is clear and concise and effectively uses specialist terminology. However, the product itself is badly designed. In contrast, the second pitch for ‘Octi-Kleen’ is inappropriate and badly planned. Each pitch highlights the importance of understanding your target audience to appeal to them successfully.

This clip is from:
The Apprentice, Advertising
First broadcast:
10 November 2010

Before watching the clip, students could be given the two product names and asked to brainstorm what sort of products they may be and what the name suggests about the products' qualities. Watch the clip and discuss the two adverts.
Students could then be invited to comment on the language used in the two presentations and the way the presenters interacted with the panel. Discuss what worked and what did not. Issue a list with all the panel’s questions on and ask students to write exemplar replies.