Examination of Mrs Birling in which we see that she is happy to blame others. The actresses speak of the need to find places in J.B Priestley's text where there is a small crack in her beliefs and show that underneath there is a question starting to be asked.

This clip is from:
Priestley Shorts
First broadcast:
17 January 2008

This clip could be used to explore the character of Mrs Birling, in particular to start to consider certain places in the text where her self-assurance is starting to falter. Students could use the discussion points raised by the two female actors as prompts to explore precise moments in the text where Mrs Birling demonstrates these initial falterings of belief, leading up to the moment of realisation that it is in fact her own son who is 'responsible'. Students could explore saying the lines in different ways themselves, using suggested emotion prompts provided by the teacher. This could then be developed into a character study of Mrs Birling, using evidence from the text to support their own interpretation of her character.