Greg 'Ray J' Johnson talks about why he became an astronaut and what it's like going into space. He explains how astronauts eat, sleep, and go to the toilet in the space shuttle. As well as revealing why he became an astronaut, Greg describes what space flight involves. He also shares his views on what he thinks the next target for space exploration will be, as well as the prospects of finding life in space. He also gives advice to anyone interested in becoming an astronaut.

This clip is from:
See You See Me, Space Quest
First broadcast:
16 October 2000

Students could use this clip to further explore what life is like for astronauts living in space. They could begin by discussing the film footage in this clip and consider what eating and sleeping is like in zero gravity. What special measures do the astronauts have to take? Students could also conduct further research into life in space, they could even find out what toilets are like. Diary entries could then be written to describe a day on the space station.

Alternatively, students could use this clip as stimulus to explore current scientific news items regarding space. They could explore recent discoveries and consider their own opinions on whether there is life in space. Students could discuss how we could prove if there was life on another planet? How does the environment in space differ from earth?