How do an eagle and a cobra successfully hunt and kill their prey? This clip includes an eagle flying for more than four miles as it hunts its prey and a cobra. The presenter attempts to approach the cobra without it unleashing a venomous strike, which can kill in minutes. He explains how light-sensitive cells in the cobra's eyes tire in minutes if what they are looking at does not move. He demonstrates this by kneeling in front of the cobra and staying very still. When he moves away from the cobra it attacks.

This clip is from:
Science Clips, How We See Things
First broadcast:
12 October 2007

This clip can be used as part of study of how we see things or to introduce the concept of interdependence and adaptation. The children could further research the featured animals and write a non-chronological report about them. Alternatively, as part of a topic on how we see, the children could watch this clip and then be given further questions to investigate such as: "What effect does light have on us seeing objects and colour?"