Rani Price meets Nirmita Sheth, a young scientist who develops new cosmetics. Rami learns about moisturisers that contain Sun Protection Factors (SPFs) and helps Nirmita to make a new formulation. Nirmita describes how she started her career as a beautician and then went to university to earn a degree in chemistry.

Rani then meets Dr Anthony Jeremy who uses human skin samples grown in the lab to test cosmetics. He explains the role of stem cells in his research.

First broadcast:
21 February 2013

General health issues could be introduced. Students could discuss why people wear sun creams, and why are there different SPFs in some creams. Examples of different creams could be brought in to be examined. They could decide who should wear the highest factors and why. They could produce a safety leaflet for their school, explaining why it is important to protect skin when out in the Sun.