Jason and Medea are too busy playing games and listening to music to look after their diamond, which keeps the Planet alive. When it is stolen they are sent on a mission to retrieve it. First they have to get through three tasks - will they save the Planet?

This clip is from:
German and Spanish
First broadcast:
10 March 2009

Word bingo: Show the clip and work through the plot. Divide the children in two or three groups and give each group a card with words from the clip. Show the clip again and ask the pupils to shout out "Bingo" when they hear a word from their card. The group who has first found all the words from their card is the winner.
Could be used to spark off creative writing. Ask the children to come up with their own superheroes. Perhaps give them meaningful names such as Schnelldenker (fast thinker) or Turboläufer (turbo runner). Help the children to sketch out a simple plot and invite them to write down the story using words from the clip.