Grant Llewellyn, conductor of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales introduces the woodwind section of the orchestra. The instruments that make up the woodwind section of the orchestra are introduced individually and then there is an opportunity to hear them play a short piece of music from 'The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra' by Benjamin Britten. The instruments from the woodwind family section of the orchestra are the oboe, clarinet, flute and piccolo.

First broadcast:
4 May 2011

This clip could be used to discuss with the children woodwinds as a family of musical instruments (which include the flute, ocarina, recorder, saxophone, oboe and bassoon). The children are possibly familiar with some of these instruments in school. Explain to the children how these instruments are played (by blowing air against, across or into a mouthpiece of the instrument). Ask the children to listen carefully to each instrument again and ask them to think of an animal that the music reminds them of. Help the children by asking them to think of animals' movements, the sounds they make and essential characteristics. Put the names or pictures of different animals on cards and display the cards for everyone to see. Use Makaton, British Sign Language or Clicker resources to help. Students match instrumental sounds to the animals displayed and talk about the reasons for their choices. Children can be guided to make their own woodwinds to explore how shape can affect sound. Make pan pipes by collecting together stiff cardboard, wide plastic straws, or PVC tubes. Ask children to order them according to length and then tape them together to make their own pan pipes. The group could be helped to make up their own lyrics to a song, maybe connected to a topic studied or something they have learned in class. Finally, have the 'bands' perform their songs in front of the group.