England captain Steph Houghton encourages girls to participate in football. BBC Presenter Jess Creighton meets the England and Manchester City professional player and learns that Steph wants girls of all ages and abilities to get involved and play the sport of football. Steph talks about her own career and what football has done for her in terms of life skills, teamwork, organisation, inter-personal skills and making friends. Steph also focuses on the theme that you do not need to have lots of natural ability or have professional facilities to enjoy the benefits of the game. We then see Steph help out with a 'City in the Community' coaching session and takes part in a Q & A with local school girls from Heywood near Rochdale.

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This could be used top start a discussion about having good role models as a young girl, students could discuss who is their role model and why? What attributes do you need to be a positive role model? Students could draw a picture of their role model and write about why they are so inspiring. Students could discuss if they were a role model how would they like to be described? What would be their best attributes? Steph also mentions football is a sport in which you must show strong teamwork and support each other. This could be used to brainstorm the key features needed for successful teamwork?