If you keep pets, it is important to look after them well. We are introduced to Bob and his dogs at feeding time. The dogs are given meat and biscuits twice a day and wear funny hoods to keep their ears out of the food. Bob explains that his dogs don't like much variation in their diet. Adult dogs can cope with a bit of crunch whereas puppies need softer food.

First broadcast:
10 September 2007

This clip can be used as a starting point for looking at dogs as domestic animals. Teachers could help the pupils to draw up a 'dog history' timeline. Who are their ancestors? When did their domestication begin? What evidence is there for domestication, eg burials with dogs or ancient art work depicting dogs living with humans. Ask the children to explore how dogs live today in households and are being 'humanised'. Perhaps use the hoods the dogs are wearing in the clip as a starting point. Ask children to draw the ideal home for a dog. Is it inside the house or outside?