We see a museum with Roman artefacts over 2,000 years old. A role-play then explains and shows how the Roman army was a precise military machine. We are shown a Roman legionary, one of 5,000 soldiers in a legion, in full armour with a gladius, a sword used in close combat, as well as other weapons. Some of the marching formations used by the Roman army are also shown.

First broadcast:
7 June 2007

This clip could be used to help recreate a Roman battle in class. The class teacher could give a synopsis of a battle about to take place. The class teacher could divide the class into two legions and each given a Roman name. Each legion has to elect a leader of the legion who then can delegate other deputies. Each legion has to research a battle plan and present their battle plan to the other legion. This can be done using presentation software, or it could be drawn out or acted out. This clip would be very useful in learning about the armour and weapons used by the soldiers in the Roman army.