Playing a game of pool, Owain and Sophie listen to Ada, the science app, explain the fission of atomic nuclei. Comparing the game of pool to a nuclear reactor, Ada demonstrates how fission occurs by firing a neutron at an atomic nucleus, causing it to split. Main features of a nuclear reactor are explained, with the use of control rods and moderator rods explained in depth.

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Watch the animation and compare the fission of nuclei to other everyday activities. Describe why control rods and moderator rods are essential to a nuclear reactor using information from the animation. Create your own storyboard, detailing how a nuclear bomb could get out of control. Advanced - Describe how unfortunate disasters in nuclear reactors have occurred. Describe the negative effects that misuse or removal of the control rods or moderator rods would have on the nuclear reaction. Calculate the next radioactive element in a chain reaction by reviewing how many neutrons are released in the initial reaction.