An animated sequence that tours the human body, picturing and naming the main body parts and describing what they do. The skeleton, skull, skin, head, neck, arms, elbows, arms, fingers, chest, ‘tummy’, legs, knees, feet and toes are all visited. The commentary makes the point that some people need glasses, hearing aids or prosthetics to help certain body parts function. The clip also stresses the importance of exercise in keeping our bodies healthy.

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After viewing, you could help the children list all the body parts mentioned. You could ask pupils, ‘Do all animals have the same body parts as us?’ The children could draw a variety of different animals and label all the body parts they have in common with humans. They could sort their pictures into different groups, for example ‘all animals with necks’ or ‘all animals with fingers’. Which of their animals do the pupils think is the most like us? Which is the most different?