Create a Banksy-style stencilled image with just a paper plate, scissors, paint and a brush. A chosen image of a skateboarder is drawn on a paper plate and cut out to leave an empty silhouette. The plate is then placed in position on a chosen background and paint is applied to the stencil either by spraying of stippling with a thick brush. The background can be pre-prepared on card or paper. Once the stencil is lifted from the background, the stippled image is revealed. Alternatively the stencil could be applied directly to a wall or board in the same way. The image can be repeated many times over and flipped to create a reverse image. There is a brief animated reference to British graffiti artist Banksy, as well as some of his works, to set this in context and add an element of art history.

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Children could draw or trace outlines onto card to create stencils. They could increase the complexity and detail of their work after looking at Banksy’s artworks. They can then recreate images using stippling, flicking and safe spraying with water-based paints onto paper.