Watch the oak tree change through the seasons. Fallen acorns are often eaten by squirrels, or buried to eat over the winter. Many insects and birds make the oak tree their home - nesting in the boughs, or eating its leaves. Other creatures dwell at the tree's base, eating dead leaves.

First broadcast:
24 February 2007

This clip provides breadth of study when studying living things, animals and their habitats, and how animals and plants depend on each other for food.

Following the clip, students could list all the animals that live in or rely on the oak tree. Identify what the animals need the tree for, such as shelter and food. Discuss how chopping down the tree would affect the organisms that depend on it. Design a poster to save and protect the trees in the school grounds.

Alternatively, students could spend time studying a tree in the school grounds. They could list all the animals that they find living in it and visiting it. They could then draw a tree mural on the wall of the class room, draw all the animals that they have seen and stick them onto the tree.