Three experts offer arguments against the legalisation of cannabis. DCI Michael Branston, a police officer, has experienced first-hand the criminal effects of smoking cannabis. Chavi Suffri, a Drugsline worker, believes legalisation would send the wrong message to young people about what is in reality a truly dangerous drug. Lee Haughton, a drug charity worker in Liverpool, has a very personal view of the role cannabis played in ruining his life.

This clip is from:
Secondary Citizenship
First broadcast:
16 June 2009

Use to present the key arguments against the legalisation of cannabis shown in the clip. Construct a debate on the possible legalisation of cannabis. Use the clip as a starting point for a related discussion on whether cannabis should be classified as a 'B' or 'C' class drug. The clip could be used in conjunction with the 'Cannabis - pro-legalisation' clip.