Samantha (a young teenage girl with severe learning difficulties) is washing her hair in the shower. Even though her hair is still soapy she gets out of the shower, reaches for a towel and starts to dry her hair. Soap bubbles appear on the towel. A question mark appears. The video replays. As Samantha is reaching for the towel during the replay, a Widgit 'stop' symbol appears. Samantha gets back under the shower and gives her hair a thorough rinse to ensure all the shampoo is washed away. When she's sure it's soap-free she gets out and dries her hair. She admires her sparkling hair in the bathroom mirror.

First broadcast:
21 October 2010

This clip could be used to support PSHE learning in relation to personal care and grooming. It encourages learners to be thorough when washing and rinsing their hair. The widgit symbols can be used as pause-points by teachers to highlight key issues for discussion.