The source of the River Conwy is high in the Snowdonian mountains. As air hits the mountains, it is forced to rise. It then cools and condenses and precipitation occurs. Watersheds are the dividing lines of mountain ranges and the areas between them are called drainage basins. Lakes may form over impermeable rock and sphagnum moss will thrive here. Tributaries join together at confluences and the river grows in strength.

Supplied with a simple drainage basin diagram, the students could label parts of a drainage basin. The key terms used (tributary, confluence, source, drainage basin, watershed) can be added after viewing the clip. Part of the water cycle is explained in the clip; students could identify which aspects of the water cycle are shown, and then find out about what happens to the water (and referencing key terms) as it flows further down the river. Another activity is for students to design a cartoon/ storyboard about how 'Mr Water Droplet' reaches the sea - the clip gives a good start for them to develop this